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A Quick Overview of our Admission Process from a hospital into Christian Care Nursing Center.

  • A family member or patient in the hospital should inform their nurse or discharge coordinator they are interested in coming to Christian Care Nursing Center for rehabilitation. The discharge person will send a message and referral information through an electronic system or the fax machine to the Christian Care Admission Director.
  • Christian care will first verify if it is private pay or covered by an insurance program. We accept Standard Medicare, Priority, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicaid. If BCBS or Priority is the primary insurance we will need to seek a pre-authorization. This can take 24-48 hours to be approved, so very important to initiate early.
  • Our Clinical team lead by our Director of Nursing complete a review of the referral documents that may include a history and physical, recent x rays, therapy notes, surgery reports, lab reports and progress notes. This team may request additional information and periodic updates to insure a complete understanding of the medical needs of the future resident.
  • It is important to understand that the decision is made on the Acuity of the residents already being cared for in our Christian Care Nursing Unit in correlation and consideration with the acuity of the incoming patient. Acuity is one of the parameters considered in the patient classification and serve as guidelines for allocation of our future nursing staff needs.
  • If the clinical nursing team decides they are not the best team to meet the patients recovery needs we communicate the answer back to the discharge person at the hospital who will make sure the patient and family members are aware.
  • If Clinical Nursing team decides to accept the patient as a resident a time and date for transfer to our facility is arranged. A discharge packet is faxed to Christian Care and finally a transport is arranged by the hospital discharge social worker.
  • At this point the admission director will call the future resident or a family member to gather critical personal information needed for admission to our Christian Care Nursing home. The notification of key staff, preparation of the room, ordering of equipment, creation of a medical chart and key records, and scheduling of therapy is all completed very quickly before our new resident arrives.

Read our full admissions booklet HERE.

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