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Christian Care Assisted Living Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we start the admission process?
A: An assessment is set up with the Director of Clinical Care to help determine the potential residents’ level of care and appropriateness for the facility.

Q: What do we bring to the assessment?
A: We ask that you bring all health insurance cards, Medicare and Medicaid cards, Primary Doctors name and a list of current medications.

Q: Can we reserve or hold a room?
A: Yes, however, there is a fee of $25.00 per day until the resident moves in if the room is available for residency.

Q: What happens after the assessment?
A: We will fax the Doctor a list of information that is needed prior to the resident moving in:

  • Current medications, signed by Doctor
  • History & Physical within 90 days
  • Standing Orders
  • Chest X-Ray within 1 year
  • Diet Letter
  • Code Status

Q: What happens if we run out of money?
A: Christian Care Assisted Living provides two payment options: Private Pay and Income Qualified. We ask that each family keep us updated on any change in financial status. Resident may be asked to move to an Income Qualified room. For more information regarding how to apply for Medicaid, please contact our local Department of Human Services.

Q: Who qualifies for Medicaid?
A: Each resident differs, based upon income from various assets and sources such as Social Security, SSI, Veterans Benefits, Pensions, CDs, Stocks and Bonds, etc.

Q: Can I keep my own Doctor?
A: Yes, your Primary Doctor will remain the same. Doctor appointments and transportation to and from, must be arranged by family. The facility needs to be aware of any appointments so the appropriate paperwork can be filled out to communicate any medical changes. We also offer services with two Primary Doctor groups that visit the facility bi-weekly.

Q:  Is there an Entry Fee?
A: Yes, this fee applies to Private Pay residents only and helps to pay for many miscellaneous building repairs and upgrades such as paint, carpet, etc.

Q: Who does the laundry?
A: The facility provides laundry services. Name tags are required to be purchased at time of move-in or all laundry must be marked with a permanent laundry pen.  However, if you wish to do your own laundry, we have a washer and dryer on the 3rd floor at no charge.

Q: Do you have bus transportation?
A: Yes, we have a bus. However, it is only used by the Activity Department for planned activities. The bus is not available to transport residents to and from appointments.

Q: What utilities are included?
A: Christian Care Assisted Living pays for all utilities: heat, water, gas, electric and satellite television. The resident is responsible to pay for a private phone line if they so desire.

Q: Is each level of care separated on different floors or wings of the building?
A: No, all residents are intermingled. They are not segregated by their level of care, nor their payer source.

Q: Will I have to share a room with someone?
A: No, Christian Care is proud to offer all private rooms. However, some rooms do share a bathroom.

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